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Belinda J Keillor

Posted by MountIsaProperty on 13/04/2020

Belinda J Keillor – The Tenant From Hell

Belinda Jane Keillor Rental Profile

Belinda J Keillor from Warrnambool VIC, leaving in Mount Isa is a tenant that should be on the radar of every Real Estate in town.

Employer: Domestic and Family Violence Support – Mt Isa – Nawamba House.

Belinda J Keillor breaches shortlist; Rent arrears, abandons premises, unclean, property damage, trespassing, objectionable behaviour and possibly subletting or running a business.

Belinda J Keillor ignores the Residential Tenancies Act and the RTA Rules.

Belinda does not seek any permission to use the unit as a backpacker’s hostel or anything else.

We let the site visitors use their imagination as to what other services Belinda J Keillor can offer as each of the male backpackers will move on after a few days.

Subletting, Sex Services or any businesses are not permitted on any of the residential rentals (Terms of Use}.

The word permission is not in Belinda’s dictionary so she brought in to the unit thousands of worms to start a worms farm.

The toilet in Belinda Keillor’s unit was so dirty that no bleach or chemical could remove the black stains. Hopefully, by continuing to apply the chemicals over time the toilet can be restored to normal conditions.

The assumption is – the toilet was never cleaned during the 18 months that Belinda Keillor was leaving in the unit.

The local Real Estate is well advised not to leave Belinda J Keillor unsupervised.

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