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Mount Isa News March 2022

Posted by MountIsaProperty on 18/03/2022

Latest Mount Isa News for March 2022

New Environmental Grant

Mount Isa News – Council will soon be accepting applications for its new $50,000 Environmental Grants Program, which will provide financial assistance to the community to help the local environment.

At Council’s February Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday, February 16, Council agreed to approve the program as part of the Environmental Charge Projects for the 2021/2022 financial year.

The program will be aimed at not-for-profit, community-based organisations and groups that have projects and ideas that promote sustainability or inspire environmentally friendly practices.

It will aim to support a healthy, sustainable, and integrated natural environment within the Mount Isa Local Government Area, foster environmental stewardship, and strengthen the environmental management and sustainable living capacity of the community.

Council will invite proposals that improve the health of the local environment, support the sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, including energy and water, and improve community awareness and education.

Mayor Danielle Slade, it was great to see the initiative taking place and she encouraged local not-for-profit community groups and organisations to apply for funding once applications for the program open.

“So many local groups have fantastic ideas about the environment – or sustainability-focused projects but need just a bit of help to get them off the ground. This funding program will help make that happen,” Cr Slade said.

“Small steps to protect and improve the local environment can have long-lasting effects that benefit everyone in the community.”


Councillor Paul Stretton

lt’s great to see everything that’s been happening within my portfolio in recent weeks.

The big item is we have entered into a design and construction contract for the Materials Recovery Facility at the Waste Management Facility (MRF).

This will change the way we collect and sort a lot of waste in Mount Isa, including the eventual introduction of kerbside residential recyclable waste collection and will mean more than just residents getting a new yellow-top bin service for the first time.

This will mean Council will be able to better manage the city’s waste and reduce the amount that gets sent to landfill.

This will save us money in the long run as well as extend the life of the tip face by many years.

The MRF will be used to sort and process recyclable domestic waste such as plastic, metals and cardboard.

There is a major push by State and Federal governments for Councils across Australia to undertake waste-minimisation
and recycling practices as much as possible, and the MRF will enable us to do just that.

A primary focus for the Waste Management Facility in the past couple of months has been the ongoing development of the five-year Site Based Management and Operating Plan and subsequent optioneering exercise to future-proof the facility’s infrastructure, layout, efficiency, safety, and operability.

The plan includes landfill staging, transfer station operation, and service and operational changes relating to the MRF project.

Recently joined with other Councillors in visiting Camooweal for a community consultation session at the Williejudarra Hall. Thank you to all of the residents who came along and shared their local concerns with us.

We have almost completed the upgrades to the Camooweal Town Hall, and in the neighbouring Ellen Finlay Park, have constructed a new combined basketball and netball court and mini skate ramp, and installed a picnic table and seating.


Latest Mount Isa News Information

– Council has replaced the footpaths in the front of Bunnings, KFC, and Railway Avenue, with more repairs and replacements to be completed. Council has identified a number of pram ramps to be installed as pad: of this program.

– Contractors are manufacturing the new Buchanan Park ablution facility and the Camooweal toilet block off site. The installation work should take four weeks and is due to begin in May.

A new private barbecue area has been constructed at the front of the Splashez Aquatic Centre and is now open for bookings.

The City Library now has access to three new e-resources from the State Library of Queensland, including the National Geographic Virtual Library, National Geographic Kids, and Gale Interactive Science.


City Council Updates

Parliamentary Inquiry Hearing

On Wednesday, March 2, Deputy Mayor Phil Barwick, Councillor Mick Tully, Councillor Kim Coghlan, and CEO David Keenan spoke at the Mount Isa hearing of a State parliamentary committee inquiry into the functions of the Office of the Independent Assessor(OIA).

Council in its submission said it believes the performance of the Independent Assessor is not consistent with the intent of the local government’s complaints system, and that the powers and resources of the Independent Assessor are not being applied in accordance with the public interest.

Council proposes several changes to the functions, structures or procedures of the Independent Assessor for its more effective operation, including:

– Councillors be provided training in the Independent Assessor’s
complaints process so as to have a better understanding of what will take place.

– Councillors be allowed to provide a written response to the Independent Assessor’s outcome of the complaint investigation and proposed disciplinary action.

– The Independent Assessor publicly report on the number of complaints assessed as vexatious, frivolous, or having no merit.

The inquiry has so far held hearings in Karumba, Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton and Bundaberg, and further hearings are scheduled to be held in Toowoomba, the Gold Coast, and Brisbane.

The State Development and Regional Industries Committee is chaired by Chris Whiting MP and members include Robbie Katter MP, Jim McDonald MP and Michael Hart MP.


Fun Park Equipment

You can now pick what sort of play equipment you would like to see installed at the Family Fun Park by going to By voting for your preferred options, you get to choose what will be installed in the Family Fun Park as part of its major upgrade this year.

There are three sections – Toddlers, Juniors, and Seniors — with each section having two options to choose from for several items of equipment.

The options with the most votes will be installed in the Fun Park.

On the page, you can also see representations of some of the new features that will be installed in the Water Park, such as a Splash Blaster, Mega Soaker, Spiral Tunnel, and Helices. The survey will be open for two weeks, until Wednesday, March 23.


Swooping Bird

Council has received a report of a bird swooping near Subway and Pizza Hut (Rodeo Drive) due to its nest being in the area.

Some native birds (such as magpies, magpie-larks/peewees, and masked lapwings) defend their nesting territory by attacking people or animals.

This behaviour is seasonal around breeding times only and should only last for a few weeks.

Follow these tips to stay safe:

– Avoid areas where these birds are nesting during the breeding season

– If you are swooped, leave the area as quickly as possible, but do not run

– Wear a hat or carry an umbrella

– Wear glasses to protect your eyes

– Do not interfere with the birds or their nest, as this may increase swooping behaviour

– Watch the birds while walking away quickly – it is less likely to swoop if it knows you’re watching

– Never harass or provoke birds, as this makes them more defensive and may lead to a worse attack next time

– Do not touch a young bird

A reminder that all native animals and birds are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. Please do not disturb the nest.


Camooweal. Community Consultation

About 20 Camooweal residents attended Council’s community consultation session at the Williejudarra Hall on February 23.

The topics and concerns raised included:

– Having slower speed limits on the town approaches
– Whether a mobile library or book exchange could be introduced to Camooweal
– Perimeter fencing for Ellen Finlay Park
– Interpretive map signage for the Camooweal Cemetery
– For more shrubs to be planted around Camooweal.


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